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“One day, I will do this experiment:
I will buy a village, we will dance for a year.
I want to know what will happen to the village:
will everybody get crazy?
Dance is one of the possibilities that man has for a growth.
And with “growth” I want to say the comprehension of the Other, primarily”

Virgilio Sieni

During the last Dance Biennale in Venice I followed the workshop that the coerographer and director Virigilio Sieni organized with non professional dancers, in that case with mothers and children.

The image of Mothers and Children from a visual point of view brings to mind a familiar wester iconographic tradition that delineates a specific form of intimacy, immediately recognizable within a shared collective imagery. Exploring the folds that this generating sign has produced in our idea of gender and identity, the experience conceived by Virgilio Sieni leads reflections upon dance towards a new antropology of relationships. This opening must necessarily address an important question: what are the modes and degrees of the relationship with the other? How can the spatial and relation potential of the body be expanded, with full awareness of the limits imposed by its genetic and cultural articulation, and how can these limits become an opportunity for rethinking the terms and the very possibilities of the corporeal practice? Thanks to a transmission of the gesture based not on the hegemony of the eye, but enacted through a tactile mimesis, mothers and children discover their bodies, drawing new paths along which to explore and transform their everyday lives. A new form of knowledge produces the emergence and transfiguration of the role of the mother and child within the new geography of reciprocity.

(Stefania Di Paolo)